Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Dental implants in India and benefits of Dental implants compared to other traditional treatments

Is dental implant better than other traditional treatments?

Here are some of the reasons why dental implants are often the first choice and standard of care compared to other options to missing teeth.
Healthy Natural Teeth:Lost tooth is being replaced by dental implants which functions like normal tooth and have the feeling of normal tooth. Other options may deteriorates and creates trouble while eating, smiling or speaking.
Build to last-Long term solution: Dental implants are good for long term solution since other traditional solutions lasts only for few years but at times they need to be replaced as well. Though periodic check up is required for dental implants they last for lifetime when properly cared overtime.

Enjoy life with no worries about teeth: Dental implants restores the missing tooth-thus bringing back the normal smile too. So one need not to be uncomfortable and feel embarrassed before the public because of lost smile.

Retain natural face, shape and smile:One feel sunk and and appear lowered and sad without teeth in the face. Dental implants allows to regain the natural shape of face and smile.

Protect healthy bone: Void space in the mouth after loosing the teeth could lead to health issues such as deterioration of some of jawbones. Dental Implants are the only option that preserves and enhances natural bone, bone growth and prevent bone loss.

Keep teeth in the mouth- Not in a cup: Dental Implants allows us to keep the teeth where it belongs in the mouth. Hence no worry- if dentures might slip or fall.

Speak Easy: Making changes to the removable dentures may struggle to pronounce daily words. Dental implants which function like natural teeth does not pose issue to pronounce words.

Eat Favourite foods: With Dental implants one can enjoy the foods they love without any hesitation and can experience the full taste of the food.

Look Mom – no cavities!: Occurrence of the cavities are less with dental implants, though it is recommended to visit the dentist as scheduled and clean,care gums and mouth every day as if it were a natural tooth.

Keep teeth in place – Silently. Dental implants are fixed in place and combine naturally with the jawbone- means the replacement teeth wont slip, move or shift. The case is different with dentures which may slip when one talk, smile, laugh so it needs the repositioning to fix back into place in the mouth.

Protect the Healthy Teeth: Positioning the tooth supported bridge need grinding away the teeth on one or both sides of missing-by that means damaging the healthy teeth to restore the missing teeth. The altered tooth is attached to and support the bridge. Dental implants go in the jaw bone – i.e. the spot where the tooth was missing without affecting the healthy teeth. It also prevent healthy adjacent teeth from shifting.

More Predictable then other restoration methods: Dental implant practice has the long term successful result and are considered more predictable than other restoration practices to repair or replace missing tooth, including bridgework, retreatment of failing root canal (endodontic) therapy.

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