Thursday, 21 August 2014

dentist in Mumbai | Dental clinic in Mumbai - Dental Implantation

 dentist in Mumbai | Dental clinic in Mumbai - Dental  Implantation

Dental implants are fixtures such as artificial roots, created to replace missing teeth or lost for any reason, able to integrate to the point of living healthily and completely natural with the rest of the tissues of the mouth.

They are currently manufactured preferably chemically pure titanium and act as substitutes of the tooth roots. After placement into the maxilla or mandible to serve, once they become osseointegrated, give support to the new artificial tooth that will be joined to them.

Each implant, as already mentioned, serves as the artificial root on which the crown or denture will settle and he can distinguish, like the natural tooth:

     Fixation implant or dental implant (portion that is under the gum)
     Transepithelial Pilar (fixing portion that emerges in the mouth)
     Crown or prosthesis (that covers the pillar and is noticeable in mouth)

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