Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Teeth jewellery the latest trend in fashion industry

Follow the latest trend in teeth jewellery that add sparks to your personality. No definition can be provided for the adaptation of this style whether it is a style quotient or to surprise friends. However it is gaining popularity among all to flash the million dollar smile.

Most of them are choosing to surprise others with a flashing crystal glass design or something in gold with a glitter of ruby or diamond. More over it also add delight to smile.

Tooth jewellery in India is been much preferred by NRI's. It has not gained wider acceptance among localities. This trend is getting fame with the males heading to foreign countries for study or vacation.

Fixing the tooth jewellery usually takes about 15 to 20 mins and dentists have lots of fun designs in store to choose from diamonds, crystals or gold. As drilling is not required there wont be any fear of tooth damage and have no side affects. The jewel can be removed without any damage to structure of tooth and at a later stage if one wants to add it can be fixed again.

At the same time concerns have been raised about the maintenance due to the gathering of plaque and this depends on ones food habit and the tendency of teeth to have stains. Hence to maintain the shine of the jewellery, routine polishing and cleaning is necessary.

A leading dentist says she had a diamond stud on tooth for some time which is fully non toxic and maintenance free. It doesn’t cause any harm if one swallows this stud in case and states that she is confident of recommending the stud to those who keep pace with fashion trends.

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