Thursday, 19 June 2014

Dental Braces in Mumbai At an affordable cost

We are living in a society where beauty is considered as an integral part of one’s life. In many aspects, it affects an individual. One of the key features of a beautiful face is a sparkling smile.In our many years of practice, we have noticed patients trying to hide their teeth while smiling.Isn’t this a strange thing because every time you come in front of the camera, the photographer asks you to say “Cheese” which means maximum display of teeth while you smile??As dentists, we are today seeing more and more patients with improperly positioned teeth or excessive show of gums becoming tremendously conscious of their appearance. But why should these factors mar your appearance or lower your confidence??


Correctly aligned teeth are the main ingredients of a beautiful smile. Most of you might know that orthodontic procedures are meant to correct the misaligned teeth. The traditional orthodontic procedures are very popular in society. Most Individuals don’t like braces to a certain extent because of the change it makes with your appearance. But, now that has a solution too. Clear Aligners or Invisible braces are a comparatively new method which can satisfy those who are unhappy with the traditional braces.

They are the most commonly used types of braces. Ceramic braces are considered to be stronger than that of the metallic braces. Most of the people choose them because they mimic tooth colour and are less visible.Read more...

Lingual Braces 

Lingual Braces

  The main feature of these kinds of braces is that, they will not be visible to others. They are attached to the inner surface of the teeth. Many people choose them because of cosmetic reasons.Read more...

Invisalign Braces / Clear Braces

Invisible Braces

 Clear Aligners/ Invisalign braces are the latest revolution in dentistry. These are a special set of trays which facilitate tooth movement based on the correction required by the patient.Read more...

Even though there are so many types of braces, people always love to choose the one which is more stylish and not clumsy. If your choice is more economical one, the traditional braces will be apt for you. Apart from style, fact that makes the modern braces the best is that they give very quick results with minimal discomfort. If you want to smile better, choices are plenty out here.

 We, at Smile Speak, Airoli and Dental Profile, Ghatkopar offer the best and the most cost-effective braces treatments considering your requirements and comfort. If you long for beautifully aligned teeth, get the right treatment from the skilled and experienced dentists at either of our clinics.

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